After several years of research, I feel I have come up with the best turkey decoy ever produced. I'm not sure I can put into words how well these decoys work. It's absolutely amazing the effect these have on even the wariest gobblers. Your job is to get the birds to see your decoys, then just sit back and let them do the work. These have proven to be an invaluable tool when bowhunting. If you want the gobbler at 6 yds., set the decoy at 6 yds. He will come to it, just make sure you are ready for that close of a shot. These decoys do a great job of keeping the gobblers attention while you make a good clean kill. You missed? No biggie, most often birds stay right next to the decoy after the shot, EVEN IF IT WAS A SHOTGUN SHOT!!! I have used years of field research to determine the most effective posture for these decoys. By utilizing the instinctual dominance hierarchy, I have positioned these decoys to be inviting to the often cowardly 2 year old gobbler, and even jakes approach without hesitation. Warning: Gobblers WILL attack these decoys. (And so will the occasional coyote and bobcat) I have been using the same one for three years now, and I've seen countless gobblers and jakes do their best to knock his head off! These look real because they are. Nothing can compete with the look of real feathers blowing in the breeze, or reflecting that sun. Use common sense when setting up to avoid any possible accidents.


Jake Decoy - $450 - SOLD OUT

Hen Decoy - $450 - SOLD OUT
Jake or Hen Decoy - $400 (You supply the skin)

Full Strut Gobbler - $550 - SOLD OUT
Full Strut Gobbler - $500 (You supply the skin)

Crating and Shipping to lower 48 - Flat Rate $75


All decoys include a built in carrying handle for easy transport to the field, a stake, and a transport stand.



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This is my nephew Cody opening day of this year's Youth Turkey Season. The decoy was set a little close...about 12 yards. Bowhunting we usually place the decoy at 7 steps or so to insure a very makable shot, but when shotgunning you may want to place it at 15 or 20 yards.





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